September 13, 2009

Comverse Technology, Inc.
Suspected of collaboration with Israeli authorities :In two separate reports (A Fox News report and an article in Le Monde) concerns were raised in 2002 that wiretapping equipment provided by Comverse Infosys to the U.S. government for electronic eavesdropping may have been vulnerable, as these systems allegedly had a back door through which the wiretaps could be intercepted by unauthorized parties. In its article, Le Monde claims to have taken note of the whole script in this investigation. Based upon it, le monde concludes: Comverse is suspected of having introduced into its systems of the "catch gates" in order to "intercept, record and store" these wire-taps. This hardware would render the "listener" himself "listened to".. However, this suspicion has never led to a conviction. When asked "Are there reasons to believe the Israeli government is implicated?", FOX-reporter Carl Cameron admitted, "No, none, but a classified top-secret investigation is underway.". The latter leading to speculation as to whether this investigation ever led to any proof that subsequently may have been hushed up.

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