March 28, 2010

9/11 Revisited: Were explosives used? (v.2)

Visit to get the DVD of this movie. You are encouraged to copy this film and distribute it for non-profit educational ... all » purposes. September 11th Revisited v.2 is a follow up to perhaps the most riveting film ever made about the destruction of the World Trade Center. This is a powerful documentary which features eyewitness accounts and archive news footage that was shot on September 11, 2001 but never replayed on television. Featuring interviews with eyewitnesses & firefighters, along with expert analysis by BYU Physics Professor Steven E. Jones, Professor David Ray Griffin, MIT Engineer Jeffrey King, and AIA Architect Richard Gage. Keywords: world trade center WTC twin towers wtc7 building 7 controlled demolition thermite thermate explosion explosions 9/11 9-11 911 9/11/01 9-11-01 september 11 2001 911truth movement conspiracy theory theories theorist nyc new york george w. bush dick cheney pnac project for a new american century witnesses jersey girls norad molten steel molton iron larry silverstein pull it byu physics professor steven e jones richard gage aia architect rescue hero william rodriguez kevin barrett fox news footage cnn abc nbc cspan charlie sheen rosie o'donnell mysteries mit engineer jeff king david ray griffin jack blood tim russert meet the press loosechange loose change alex jones terror storm terrorstorm press for truth nist fema pentagon flight 77 flight 93 blogger investigate 911research let's roll letsroll documentary.

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