December 19, 2009

Hara: Grow and profit in the post-carbon economy

Hara Overview

Grow and profit in the post-carbon economy

In an economy where carbon has a price, carbon has implications on an organization. In this new era, leading companies will leverage new technologies, innovation, best practices and benchmarks to drive new successes and transform their businesses. Leading companies are successful in this new era because they understand their natural resource consumption and the implications of their organization’s environmental footprint. We believe this is accomplished through transparency and control of their “organizational metabolism” (OM), which is the sum of the collective resources consumed and expended by an organization – including energy, fossil fuels, water, waste, carbon, and other natural resources.

Our comprehensive environmental and energy management solution gives organizations transparency and control of their organizational metabolism, so they can grow and profit while optimizing their natural resource consumption and minimizing their environmental impact. Our customers are leading their peers into the post-carbon economy, by enabling an auditable environmental system of record and accessing best practices in order to increase their operational efficiency, maximize shareholder value and manage risk. Together with our customers, we have the opportunity to write the encyclopedia of environmental efficiency, creating an unprecedented body of knowledge that will influence environmental impact reduction initiatives for years to come.

Hara was originally funded in 2008 by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The company is dedicated to helping organizations grow and profit without depleting the earth’s resources. The HaraTM Environmental and Energy Management solution has been available since January 2009 and is already in use by more than a dozen customers. Hara is based in Redwood City, CA.

Download the Hara Corporate Overview (PDF)

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