November 8, 2009

Quote by Wilfred Pelletier and Ted Poole

"When I finally woke up I took a look around: I saw courthouses, houses of government, churches, schools, and universities by the hundreds and thousands. I saw systems for managing the land, the air, and the water; systems for managing human behavior; systems for managing religion; systems for managing learning; systems for managing food, shelter, clothing; systems for managing love and procreation: a vast complex of carefully engineered systems. I saw millions of people working, not for themselves, but for someone else. I saw millions of people doing, not what they themselves want to do, but what someone else wants them to do. I saw the depressing evidence of a people who have tried to standardize the very nature of humanity. I saw a whole people who've lost the way of life and in its place have built a technological monster which does most of their hard work, carries their water, delivers their food, raises their kids, makes their decisions, says their prayers, transports them, informs them, entertains them, and controls the people it serves, absolutely. I also saw that the monster, seemingly unable to manage itself, was running wild, totally out of visible control, ripping the land to pieces, spreading poisons, filling the air with filth, dumping garbage and shit in the rivers and lakes and oceans. I saw all of that, and I saw the people, millions of them, crowded together in cities, living side by side in towns, villages, rural areas. But I didn't see a single community. Is someone doing all of this on purpose?"

- Wilfred Pelletier and Ted Poole

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Pernilla Dagger-Magnell said...

My favourite book ever...