November 8, 2009


by Brian Downing Quig

This article presumes that readers are acquainted with the role Lt. Colonel James Bo Gritz has played in exposing Theodore Shackley, formerly #2 man at CIA as one of the world's largest purchasers of Golden Triangle heroin. I produced and edited the 2 hour VHS video of this episode, THE HEROIN HIGHWAY which is available c/o PRIMARY RESEARCH, P.O. Box 58, Tempe, Arizona 85280 for $24.95.

After pondering the "big picture" for two years, I would like to offer this analysis which I believe penetrates not only our government's phoney "war on drugs" but the fraud of the international communist conspiracy as well. When Theodore Shackley became CIA station chief in Miami in 1962 he inherited the CIA's "executive action" program. "Executive action" is the CIA's euphemism for the assassination of foreign leaders. In 1975 the Church committee investigated this matter and identified the riflemen assigned to Shackley in this program. To identify the more recent assignments of these gunmen is to indicate the ongoing importance of this assassins group in U.S. foreign policy. Chi Chi Quintero was the base commander of the Contra air base, Santa Elena, in Costa Rica and Felix Roderguez was base commander of the lIapango resupply base north in Honduras. Frank Sturgis and Rolando Martinez, two other executive action gunman in Shackley's program, along with their supervisor, E. Howard Hunt were Nixon "plumbers" caught burglarizing the Watergate Hotel. Theodore Shackley and his deputy, Tom Clines, were the higher ups of the Iran/Contra scandal --- Shackley handling the Iran arms side and Clines the Contra end. The fingerprints of Shackley's people were all over the John Kennedy assassination.

While the propaganda instruments of communist and non-communist governments extol their peoples to hate and fear their "opposites", there is clearly an established pattern of covert coordination and cooperation between the two forms of government. This is nowhere better illustrated than in the drug trade of the Golden Triangle. In the late 60's/early 70's CIA station chief in Laos and Viet Nam, Theodore Shackley, under the direction of Nelson Rockefeller's former professor, Henry Kissinger, systematically hollowed out the leadership infrastructure of whole countries in southeast Asia's Golden Triangle only to have this richest poppy real estate turned over to communists. Now the Burmese communists, who our government supports, restrict all their territories to Westerners except for short visas to Rangoon. The same for Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam. The poppies are grown in the restricted communist nations only for export to the West. How convenient.

As clearly documented by Alfred McCoy, author of THE POLITICS OF HEROIN IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, our CIA organized the heroin trade in the Golden Triangle by militarily suppressing all traffickers in each area except its chosen agent and by providing product transport via AIR AMERICA, Gen. Richard Secord. These U.S. government conferred monopolies transcended the communist takeovers. In the heroin trade of the Golden Triangle we see communist and non communist governments working together like a hand and a glove.

I have long maintained that the same individuals who pull the strings on the National Security Council also pull the strings on the Politburo. Reference page 163 of Anthony Sutton's scholarly work, WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. After meticulously documenting the long concealed fact that the richest men of the world financed the Bolshevik revolution ( Rockefeller, Morgan, Du Pont, Mellon etc. ) Sutton reveals how this same group created UNITED AMERICANS a virulent anti Soviet organization which loudly stated that the Reds were going to come and cut our throats in the night. Sutton concludes that to create world communism and then create and control the propaganda instruments and paramilitary organizations to "fight" communism suggests utter moral depravity.

Would not control of both the eastern and western bloc nations give total world domination? Is the underlying motive of all these phoney communistic wars the maintenance of billionaire wealth and privilege?

In Sutton's work WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER declassified State Department cable traffic clearly documents the simultaneous financial backing and military arming of both the leftist Bolsheviks and the rightist Nazis by this same group of the world's richest men and the clashing of these super states for profit and control. Foremost among this group were John D. Rockefeller, grandfather of David Rockefeller, and Prescott Bush, father of George Bush.

Because the CIA's involvement in the heroin trade transcends many presidencies it is necessary to look beyond presidents for the real power behind this heroin atrocity. There is a saying in Washington, "The presidents come and go but the Rockefellers are forever". The central role of Rockefeller operative, Henry Kissinger, in Southeast Asia makes it tempting to ask if perhaps David Rockefeller and the very power elite which he represents may in the final analysis be at the center of this vile narcotics trade.

Perhaps this article is beginning to shed some light on the meaning of our government's habit of building up our nation's enemy states. The Carter government provided the fledgling Sandinista government with $118 million in aid which was more than Samosa got in the preceding 10 years. CIA associate and business partner of Ted Shackley and Tom Clines, Edwin Wilson, shipped 42,000 lbs of C-4 plastic explosives and 200,000 miniature detonators to Libya and trained Khadafi's terrorists. Wilson's CIA associate Frank Terpil provided similar services to Uganda's brutal Ide Amin. The U.S. financed the Kama River truck plant to supply the Afghan invasion, arms to Iran --- the examples are endless.

What hope is there? The current activities of James Bo Gritz are the stuff of which legends and hopeful futures are made. As the DIGEST has informed, the Feds have tried to silence Gritz with a passport violation charge which effectively pinned him inside this country for the last two years. After 6 government postponements Gritz was finally acquitted in June of 1989. The U.S. attorney trying his case said afterwards in a televised interview "George Bush called me personally and told me to get Bo Gritz".

Until these manipulators of the world drug trade and these phoney communistic wars are pulled from power, for the common people of this earth, insanity will rule the world.

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